HR Growth Plan

Set a goal, make a plan, engage and empower those in your team to execute the plan. I help you approach HR the same way you’d approach any other challenge: with a strategy.

HR Services

Churches and ministries don’t always think of themselves as employers. Yet this is one of the key roles a church/ministry does play. So, what is the church’s legal responsibility to employees? Before your church or ministry begins the process of trying to understand their legal responsibility to meet your HR needs, remember that an HR law/regulation changes every 3 hours and people are constantly changing.

HR Processes

As your HR consultant, I can confidently recommend and help implement a sound process to your HR needs. There is so much to Human Resources Management that it can be difficult to know where to start while knowing you aren’t forgetting something important.

HR Audit

There are countless local, state and federal regulations governing how a company must operate. To maintain legal compliance and avoid penalties, you need a confident knowledge of these regulations and how they impact your organization.